Lesbianism is a fact of nature, not a disease. And im proud to be one. so yeah, i like girls. But im in love with one girl, my one, my only, my everything, Katie Victoria Jewkes. Shes the most precious living thing on this earth to me and noone will ever get in the way of that. :) .
I live my life the way i want and i constantly try to better myself. I wish i was prettier, thinner and smarter. I wish i had bigger boobs, better hair and a perfect nose. But this is my life, and i insist on making the best out of what i have, me. The universe fascinates me, and im inlove with the stars. Nicotine gets me through my day and i have a weakness for fosters and apple sourz shots. In 2011 i lost the only being i would call family, my dad. He was my hero and there isnt a day that goes by where i dont miss him, his smell and his braveness. Each day i live to let him shine. shits complicated, grab a fag and mosh on :) Ey, i'm Rayy.


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